BCF Manager is a tool used for communicating within a project using BIM collaboration format (BCF) files.

BCF is a file-format which allows BIM software to communicate questions and reference specific building elements between IFC enabled software. This could be clash detection results or outside boundary issues. Often this is done in software such as Solibri Model Checker where you can export these issues to BCF. This tool allows you to import that file and visually see where the issue is located in your BIM model. You can use BCF Manager within Revit projects without exporting IFC files by creating issues in BCF Manager. You can select elements in Revit, create related issues and add comments. The tool allows you to save the file and send to a colleague working with the same project.
Issues can also be exported back to Solibri as solved or with comments.

It is also possible to communicate within a Revit project (without creating IFC-files) by creating comments and save as a new BCF-file. 

In top left corner there are three buttons: Open BCF file, Save and Save with a new name.
Three BCF versions are fully supported by the function: 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1

Below this Issues are listed.

All issues in the file are displayed in a list view. Use New and Delete to create new or delete issues, and Edit to modify the details of the issue. When creating a new issue you can either pre-select the elements that need to be addressed or picked the elements while creating the BCF issue. In this case you will be asked if you want to pick elements from linked or current project.        

A new Issue file enables you to communicate the following information : 

  • Status: The current state of the selected elements can be Open, In Progress, Reopened or Closed 
  • Author: The creator of the Issue
  • Assignee: The person to whom the issue is addressed to

While creating the issue you can also export an Issue image and 3D view at the same time and add additional comment to the BCF file if needed. 

After creating the issues, the function allows you to filter them by their status and/or assignee.

Remark: When creating Issues for BCF 1.0, the Status of an issue in the BCF file is stated by setting a status in the comment section.

Filtering Issues

BCF Manager supports filtering issues by their Status and Assigned person.

You can filter out issues assigned only to you or any other team member involved using the Show for drop-down.

By checking the "Show only active Issues" checkbox you can filter out Closed issues and only leave the ones that are active (Open, InProgress, Reopened)


In the components part of the dialog there is a graphic preview of the elements pre-selected for the issue. There are two buttons here. First button opens the preview in new window. The button below opens a 3d view associated with the pre-selected elements.

On the right side is the list of all pre-selected components. The category and type of Revit element is displayed. Selected components are highlighted in Revit. There are three more buttons here. First one is to zoom to the selected component. Other two buttons create and remove the section box in the active 3d view.


All comments about the selected issues are displayed in a list view. Use Add, Edit and Delete buttons to manage comments.

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