The Fire function allows you to specify Fire Resistance to multiple elements at the same time.

When clicking on Fire & Acoustic button a new panel is activated.

* First select to work with Fire or Acoustic; the Ribbon changes according to what Discipline that is selected.

* Select the Category you want to work with.

Fire Resistance can be added to elements of following categories: Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceilings, Floors (Floors, Slabs and Slab Edges) , Roofs, Beams (Structural framing and Structural connections), Columns (Structural and Architectural Columns) and Rooms.

* Select Preset Value to assign and Material requirements that will be added to the value.

After you choose desired settings, assign values by pressing Write button and pick the elements one by one without any risk of selecting elements of wrong category. The value will be immediately added/updated. End the command by pressing ESC after you picked the last element.

As an alternative method you can pre-select a number of elements (or use 3D-Zone) and press Write to assign values to multiple elements of selected category at once.  

  •  Fire Resistance drop-down menu 

  •  EditFireSettings allows you to add or edit values that should be selectable in Preset Values list

 Options in dialog box for configuring preset values for each category separately: 

   * Change a color by clicking on it for a certain value.

   * Wrote new value to the "Blank field" and Add Row to the list.

   * Remove Row will remove selected row from the list.

   * Restore Defaults will Reset all settings to the default ones.

   * Choose Cancel if you don't want to save your changes.

   * Or choose Save&Close to add a changes.

Values that are saved in Settings dialog box can be chosen from a Preset Values drop-down list. 

Color View Filters

 Turn on coloring by clicking Add/Update button in Color View Filters panel. Filters are created in current view that show the elements in different colors depending on the assigned value.

If filter has already been added for a category, colors are changed automatically with assigned value.

Remember to recreate view filters if you change the parameter.  

Room Fire Exit

Specify which Rooms are to be regarded as "Escape Route" using "Set" button in a Room Fire Exit tab. 

The Yes/No parameter FireExit will be set.

If you want to exclude selected room from Escape route use "Clear" button. 

"Add Color" will colorize escape route. See picture below:

"Remove color" will remove color scheme for rooms in an active plan for Fire Exit parameter. 


This part allows you to access commonly used Naviate/Revit tools from Fire&Acoustic ribbon.

User can access Revit tolls such as: Tag By Category, Tag All, Detail Line, Filled Region, Repeating Detail and Color Fill Legend;

and Naviate tools Family Browser and Filter Elements


Fire Documentation consists of two parts: 

Create Escape Plans  - this one allows you to place "YouAreHere" symbols and to create Escape plan for each symbol.

Create Legend  -  This part allows you to create Fire Legend for you project


After you set Discipline to Acoustic, Select the Category you want to work with.

Acoustic Resistance can be added to elements of following categories: Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceilings, Floors, and Roofs.

  • Acoustic drop-down menu

Configure what parameter the tool should Write to,

Select dB Value to assign and Prefix that will be added to the value.

Go to " Write" to add value to elements. 

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