This tool lets you to configure all parameters that will be used to write data for selected tools.

The tool supports Door and Window tools in NaviateA, and Shared Elevation and Shared Coordinates tool in Naviate General.

Main features of the tool are:

  • The function can configure default NV shared parameters or yours project parameters for new projects.
  • The function can configure default CQ parameters or yours project parameters for existing projects.
  • The parameter configuration will be used at manual/automatic update of values for elements supported by the configured tools.
  • The transfer settings function can transfer configuration from one project to another project.

The dialog provides information about:

  • Feature Name – tools what are supported
  • Parameter Purpose – specific data/values supported by the tools
  • Selected Parameter – you can select the parameter for update under drop down list
  • Parameter Type – information about type of selected parameter
  • Shared Parameter – checkbox presents if selected parameter is shared or not
  • Vary in Groups – checkbox presents if selected parameter can vary in a group, and you can change it if a parameter allows to be changed (e.g. text parameters)
  • Categories – checkbox presents if all categories are supporting selected parameter

The workflow consists of the following steps:

  1. Run the tool under Manage Project tab
  2. Select project parameters to write data on specific tool
  3. Optional check/uncheck vary in groups checkbox
  4. Optional check what categories are missing selected parameter
  5. Press OK button

If selected parameter missing on some categories then you will notified at the dialog with warning sign.

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