This is a tool that allows you to number elements using any shared text parameters by picking them in order or by using a drawn spline.

There are two numbering options:

1. Number by Selecting Objects

To use this option for the elements numbering you need to picking elements one by one in the model.

The text parameter will be immediately updated when picked.

2. Number by Spline

To use this option for the elements numbering you need to have a spline that crossing the category elements in the model.

The numbering will be done by selecting the spline in model from the start to the end point. 


The numbering order depends of picking spline point, so tool will propose direction from closest spline end based on picking place.

The workflow consists of the following steps:

  1. Run command Renumber Elements
  2. Select one of the numbering options
  3. Select numbering parameter
  4. Enter current number
  5. Use options for padding, prefix and suffix
  6. Select object or spline at model view
  7. Click the close to complete process

The numbering parameter can be selected from parameter drop down list. So you can choose any of available shared parameters for the elements numbering.

The requirements to get parameter under the list is that parameter must be shared.

If selected element doesn't have certain parameter selected for numbering then tool will add that parameter to the element, and it will be sorted under the identity data.

The tool can use a numbers and/or a characters for numbering.

The characters are supported for single letter and/or multiple identical letters. 

End the numbering command by pressing Close after you picked the last element/spline to renumber.

The numbering selection is completed by highlighting the elements in the model.

To continue numbering select another spline in the model.

Use the “Do not show again” option in the info dialog box to hide the information dialog box about how many elements that will be renumbered when picking many Spline element after each other.

 If the current number already exists in selected elements category the tool will inform you about that.

To avoid the repetition of the swap number messages use the “Auto-swap element numbers” check box.

Also you can continue elements numbering starting from the element current number in a model.

To use this option select the element type for numbering and click on the arrow button, and select the element in model to get next number.

The current number will be immediately updated with next number for numbering.

To increase or decrease the Current number press + or – button.

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