The Sheet manager is a set of tools for managing views and sheets.

There are fifteen tools included:

Create multiple sheets - creates many Sheets in one workflow. You start with an existing drawing and use it as a template.

Create Sheets from Plan views - creates sheets from selected plan views. To create a plan view sheets we must have least one sheet with title block created in current or linked project.

Edit Sheet Parameters - lets you review and edit parameters on multiple sheets in a quick and easy way

Sheet Revision - lets you set or change revision on multiple sheets in one operation

Legend_Manager - lets you review and manage legends on sheets.

Create Dependent Views - creates views for selected Levels and Scope Boxes. Specify how many different views you want to create and define what view template they should use and if they should be created as dependent views or not.

Quick Dependent Views - allows you to create dependent views for each scope box in a floor plan with a single click.  Tool also supports pre-selection - creates views for pre-selected elements in the view (scope boxes, 3D Zones or Regions). 

Duplicate_Dependent_Views - creates copy of dependent views from one primary view to multiple plan views.

Apply Crop Region - apply crop region from one view to other view(s). 

Place View on Sheet - places existing views on existing sheets. You can place many views on different sheets in one workflow. The placement is based on a pre-selected existing view.

Synchronize Yes No Parameterscreates a new yes/no instance parameters on the sheet. When we run the function first time then we can select what parameters are going to be created on the sheet by selecting the parameters in the parameter ist.

Update Sheet Scale Parameterswrites text strings in two selected sheet parameters. One with all the full scales listed and one with the half scales.

Update Sheet Format Parameterscopies the value from any (configurable) parameter on the title block to a fixed parameter (NVTitleBlockFormat) on the sheet.

Update Sheet Revision Parameterstransfers the comments from different clouds to your Sheet properties together with other important revision information.

Sheet Parameters Settings - lets you select the parameters used for scales in your project.

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