Type Drawings is a tool used to create documentation of the types used in the project. It creates "Type Drawings" with a legend view and properties for each used type in selected category. Note that the System families are not supported. 

The main features of the tool are:

  • Creating legends for selected category
  • Placing legends on sheets
  • Creating schedules and placing them on sheets
  • Placing parameter information on sheets

When running the tool for the first time, NVLegend.Template legend view will automatically open. More about this is in the following section. The rest of the workflow is:

  1. Select one of the supported categories you wish to work with
  2. If you want to create sheets, turn on the Create Sheets toggle button and select a titleblock from the drop-down menu
  3. You can create schedules and add them to sheets. Note: to add schedules to sheets, set Types per row and Rows per sheet values to 1 and 1.
  4. Turn Create Legends toggle button on
  5. Click on Select button for parameters for sheets. This will make a new window appear where you can choose which parameters you want to display on the sheets. Here you can rearrange the order of these parameters and you can set a name override for every parameter.
  6. Click Run


The first time you run the tool in the project, a legend named NVLegend.Template will be created and it will become your active view. If you select the Legend component in this view, you can choose the view from Options Bar. The views available are:  Floor Plan, Front Elevation, Back Elevation, Right Elevation and Left Elevation. The view you choose will be applied after running the tool.

To create elevation and section(floor plan) views of the selected category you need to Edit the Legend Template that's being created on the first run:

  1. Open the Legend Template
  2. Select the Legend Component in the View
  3. Copy it and place on the desired location(left, right...)
  4. Change the orientation of the copied legend component to Elevation - front/back...
  5. Run the Type drawings again and create the sheets for the wanted category

Notes and Tips

In the tool UI you have following options:

  • Select category - Here you can choose a category for which you want to make documentation
  • Create sheets - The checkbox controls weather the sheets will be created and in the drop-down menu you can choose a title block to use
  • Sheetnumber - Controls the starting number of the sheet
  • Browser group - Controls the name of the Sheet group 
  • Types pr row and Rows pr sheet - Controls the number of types in a row and the number of rows on single sheet
  • Create Legends - This checkbox controls weather the legends will be created (and placed on sheets)
  • From current view - Means that only the instances of the category that exist in the current view will be considered.
  • Create Schedules - Controls weather the schedules will be created. The checkbox "Add to sheets" adds schedules to sheets (this is possible only if there is one Type per sheet).

If the selected category contains no Type Mark value, the schedule cannot be created. The tool can create a schedule for the selected type and place it on the sheet (if there is only one Type per sheet). If there are View Templates for schedules already existing in the project (e.g. NVDoors.Template for doors), Type Drawings uses this template. If there are no Schedule View templates in the project, the schedules will be created with "None" as a View Template. This schedule consists of Mark and Comments columns only. To change what parameters are shown in the schedule, create a new View Template for schedule, or edit existing one. You can create a new Schedule View Template by editing Properties of an existing schedule (Fields, Filter, Sorting/Grouping, Formating and Appearance). After doing this, right-click on the schedule in the Project Browser and click on Create View Template from View.

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