Warning Handler is a tool designed to improve the ability to correct warnings in Revit projects, it improves on builtin function in several ways. 

All warnings which appear in the project and are shown in Revit Review Warnings tool are automatically updated in Warning Handler.

Since Warning Handler is a "floating" dialog box you can do changes in Revit model and correct warnings without having to Close the tool.

All warnings from the Revit Review Warnings window (on the Manage ribbon) will be shown in Warning Handler.

Start Warning handler from the Naviate General ribbon under Manage Project and you will be able to see all warnings from the project.

The Manage Warnings window has several features, the top section displays the number and type of warnings. For each warning following information is shown: category, family name, type name, mark or number (if it exists) and element ID.

The list of warnings can be refresh by clicking the "Reload" button. List of warnings will be automatically replaced with updated warnings from Revit project.

When switching projects in Revit the Warning Handler will show warnings from that project.


  • Reload - Update warning list from Revit project
  • Uncheck All - Uncheck all checkboxes 
  • Show - Shows an element that warning is related to in Revit model
  • More Info - Opens web page with information about selected warning and common Revit warnings 
  • Dismiss - Delete warning from the list 
  • Always on top - If turned, on it keeps Warning Handler dialog from disappearing while changes are made on the model

Simply by clicking one or several checkboxes, elements are automatically selected (highlighted) and saved to a Revit selection set. 

When a warning is corrected  in Revit, the warning handler window is not automatically updated, but  by clicking the Reload button the list will be updated. Use the Reload to see new warnings or exclude the ones you corrected. Also, the functions allows you to choose to dismiss warnings and thus removing them from the list. Or you can just reopen the Warning Handler and it will be automatically update



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