Sovelia Engineering 2017 has the following prerequisites:

  • A computer running Windows 7x64, 8x64 or 10x64 (32-bit OS is not supported).
  • Autodesk Inventor 2016

  • Sovelia xxxx
  • Administrative user rights to run the installation.

Getting the installation files

Download and unzip the installation file from your Naviate Community account or from the Naviate Community trial page.


Sovelia Engineering is an unlicensed product.

Manual installation

Double-click on the MSI file to start the installation. Then follow the on-screen instructions, and note the following:

  • When entering customer data, please type in no-nonsense values! The information is used to simplify traceability for efficient support.

Scripted installation

The Sovelia Engineering installation can be run silently from the command line. The command line syntax is as follows:

msiexec /I “<msi>” <params> /qb


COMPANY=”company”                    - Company name
NAME=”name”                                 - User/admin name
EMAIL=email                                    - User/admin e-mail
PHONE=”number”                            - User/admin phone number

SOVELIASERVER="url"                    - URL to Sovelia server

UPDATEMODE=0|2                          - Disables (0) or enables (2) the UpdateManager. Default is 2.



The COMPANY, NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE parameters are, except when updating, mandatory.

Additional notes

In order to enforce proper installation of the product a number of custom system and configuration tests are run. When running manual installation you will receive a message when any of the tests fails. When running scripted installation, messages are written to the log file if logging is active (see the Microsoft documentation for msiexec.exe) and the installation will generally terminate. The following custom test(s) are performed:

  • Parameter check: Proper values for the parameters listed above has to be specified either from the registry for an existing installation (when updating), or from the command line, or from the user interface. If the parameter set is found incomplete, the installation will will display an error message and terminate. If this situation occurs during scripted installation, the installation will terminate.