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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space HELPNAV4RVT and version 2020.1_Update_2

View Filter Manager lists all View Filters contained in the project. With this tool you get information about which Views and View Templates these filters are used in. The dialog of this tool is modeless so you can move the window aside and continue to work in Revit at the same time.


The main Features of this tool are:

  • Displaying all the CAD files View Filters from the project and basic,
  • Displaying basic information about the View Filters,
  • Displaying information about views in which the Filters are used,
  • Adding and removing of View Filters from Views,
  • Deleting View Filters from project,


  • Run View Filter Manager from Manage Project drop-down. 
  • On the left side of the tool window, the View Filters are listed. Here you can see the filter name, filter type (Rule based or Selection) and the number of views it is being used in.
  • On the right side of the window there is a list of tree-view that lists all Views or View Templates. Here you have info about View Type, View Name and Associated Levels.The fourth column in .
  • Checkboxes in  "Used in Views" table is tree-view are used to add or remove the View Filter from the view using a checkbox. If you try to remove a filter from a View Template, you will get a warning that checking/unchecking a View Template does not only affect the View Template itself, but also all Views using that View Template.


  • Use Filter search byr to filter out Views by name

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Notes and Tips:

You can double click a View to open it. If you double click a View Template, you will get a warning that you cannot navigate to a View Template.If you have many View Filters in your project and need to remove the unused ones, turning on the "Hide Used" toggle button will list only unused View Filters.

You can select multiple View Filters and deleted delete them. Note that you cannot delete a View Filter if it is being used in at least one View Template. To delete this View Filter, first remove it from the View Template.