Basepoint Explorer is a tool for importing and managing all shared coordinate systems in host and linked project. With this tool you can easily set the shared coordinates of the host document to match those of the linked .rvt or .ifc file.

The main features of the tool are:

  • Showing all available coordinate systems from the linked file,
  • Selecting the desired coordinates and transferring them to the host project

Before using this tool you need to have at least one Revit or IFC file linked to your project. To link a file to your project, go to Insert tab and use Link Revit or Link IFC tool.

The workflow is Following:

  • Run Manage Project/Basepoint Explorer,
  • The left box is showing the coordinates from the host, and the right is listing all the available coordinates in the linked project(s),
  • Select one of the linked projects in Linked RVT/IFC document drop-down menu,
  • Select the desired coordinate system from you wish to transfer to the host project in the Shared Coordinates at internal Link Origin drop-down menu,
  • Click on Copy Site button,
  • A dialog box will appear confirming the transfer of the coordinates with their specific name which includes the name of the project, name of the coordinate system and the time of the transfer.
  • The transferred coordinates will appear on the left configuration bar in the drop-down menu and below it all coordinate values will be listed. The copied values should be the same as in the linked coordinate system. 

In order to apply the copied coordinates they have to be activated in the project. You can change and activate different shared coordinates of the host model. The coordinates returned are with respect to the shared coordinates between the models.

  1. Run Location from Project Location panel in Manage tab,
  2. Switch to the Site tab,
  3. Select one of the copied coordinates from the link you wish to activate,
  4. Click on Make Current

Notes and Tips:

After copying coordinate system from a linked file, all copied coordinate system can be viewed in the "Shared Coordinates at Internal Host Origin drop-down menu.

The changes made when activating new coordinate system will be documented and visible in the project base point properties. If needed they can be modified there also.

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