BIMeye - General

We now have support for working with the category Parts.

New Help Site is now launched, you can find it here.

BIMeye Web - Requirement Manager

Fixed issue regarding parameters with value lists in Requirement Manager, values on dropdown list didn't show after creation.

BIMeye Web - Room Manager

Fixed that delete button in Material list did not show.
Fixed permission issue to role Room Admin. Could not edit values.
Fixed some graphical errors.

BIMeye Web – Name in model

Security improvements - When you configure a parameter to synchronize from Model to BIMeye, you now must have added a value on Name in model. If the default value – is set, you will not be able to change the synchronization direction. This is to help our users to set the configuration right and prevent information from being overwritten with empty values.

BIMeye Web – Revision Manager (Revit users)

A lot of improvements are made to the updated Revision manager.

Revision manager is now updated with standard functionality as, user rights, parameter groups, template validation etc. There are also several bug fixes done for example regarding Status, Active or Closed, parameter mapping to cases or changes (not both). Systemparameters are mapped correctly with Revit parameters to support working with different types of Changes made in the model. Here you can learn more about how you can work with cases and changes in Revision manager.

Revit Client – Revision, Sheet Selector

To improve the workflow and get up to speed we introduce a sheet selector for "Update Sheets" in Revision Manager. The Sheet Selector enables a "preselection" of sheets that will be processed when updating Revision information. Instead of going through all sheets in a project, only a specific set of sheets has to be processed and thus saving time.

Sheet Selector button resides in "Update Sheets" dialog.


Sheets Selector Dialog reads the Project Browser organisation so you get the same sorting when selecting sheets. Selection can be made on all levels in structure.

In the dialog "Show sheets with cases" can be chosen and that will go through preselected sheets and show sheets containing connection to that specific Revision case selected earlier in process.


You can also find some more information here.

Revit Client – Key parameter CQ_InstanceGUID

To prevent accidental loss of GUID values the key parameter CQ_InstanceGUID will be hidden away at first sync after update of BIMeye client. A message will appear and inform about the process. It will take approximately 3-4 minutes per 10000 instances to finish the hiding but it is only a one time process. Next time sync is done, it will be a normal one.

In case of locked objects in a Worksharing environment a message will pop up at synchronization telling the user to ensure that the model has no locked objects and then quit the process.

After releasing locked objects the synchronization can be done.

Revit Client – Other news

CQSYNC parameter is checked with a different approach securing synced data.
Speed improvements when there are a lot of different Types in Revit model.
Fixed that Revits Revision clouds didn't hide when Case was closed in Revision Manager.

Simple BIM Client - Category mapping

With the BIMeye Category Mapping template you can map the categories in your IFC file to BIMeye/ Revit categories. You can save the template and use it to get the same mapping next time you want to synchronize a new model to BIMeye. Read more about this here.