View Filter Manager lists all View Filters contained in the project. With this tool you get information about which Views and View Templates these filters are used in. The dialog of this tool is modeless so you can move the window aside and continue to work in Revit at the same time.

The left side of the window lists all View Filters in your project and on the right side is a list of Views and View Templates with check boxes indicating if the View Filter is being used. 

The main Features of this tool are:

To use this tool your project needs to have View Filters created. To create a View Filter you can use Revit's option in View tab - Visibility Graphics. You can also easily create View Filters with Naviate Color Elements tool.

The workflow consists of following steps:

Notes and Tips:

If you have many View Filters in your project and need to remove the unused ones, turning on the "Hide Used" toggle button will list only unused View Filters.

You can select multiple View Filters and delete them. Note that you cannot delete a View Filter if it is being used in at least one View Template. To delete this View Filter, first remove it from the View Template.