Export Schedules allows you to do quantity takeoffs directly to Excel. 

To export a schedule just click on Export Schedule in drop down menu of the Export and Import tool and choose which schedule(s) you want to export.

For quick selection all of the schedules use the "Select All" button. Next step in export schedules is selection the export file format between the Classic export and the Re-import.

You can export multiple schedules in one operation. 

The Classic export format has options for multiple schedule to be exported to one Excel file, or they can be split into separate Excel files if you like. 

The re-import format enable export data to Excel, edit data in Excel sheets and re-import of the data back to Revit's elements.  

The exported excel sheet is protected with hidden first column and sixth to eighth rows. At exported schedules only parameters that are writable are open for edit in Excel, the others are grayed out. The user can’t add or remove rows or columns in the excel sheet.

If a parameter is a calculated formula in export schedule it’s treated as "readonly", and if it’s belong to the elements from linked files it won’t be exported.